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We were founded on what we think is an important question. What if every human could live a sustainable life without comprising the style that makes it worth living? Our name stands for exactly that. SustainableYOU. SYOU.

Who we are

Partners in Innovation:

Duncan van Norden - Manager
Nicoline van Enter - CTO & Founder
Carrie Howe - CEO & Managing Director
[What The Future Footwear]
Janne Kyttanen - CPO & Founder
[What The Future Footwear]
Merijn ten Thije - Founder
Maximilian Mikorey - Brand & Design
Miguel Correia - Web

Where we started

Merijn founded SYOU in 2011 to create sustainable shoes that offer a real alternative to the environmental footprint left by the global supply chain. Our first collection was co-designed with local creatives in Burkina Faso. From there we traveled to Colombia to produce a 100% locally sourced and produced collection, which not only provided jobs and investment to local designers and partners but also showcased local creativity & craftsmanship.

Where we are today

Fast forward to 2024 and we're bringing our local model home to Amsterdam and adding some exciting new technology to produce our first sustainable sandal - an essential basic that will lead to sneakers and other footwear styles in the coming months.

Where we are going

Can you imagine shoes designed, made, worn and recycled in every city? We can. And we're already working towards that big ambition. But it doesn't stop with shoes. Our vision and unique approach expands to a fully sustainable lifestyle. We want to change how we live for the good of everyone.

Duncan van Norden
Carrie Howe
Janne Kytannen

Why we're different.

SYOU production

To understand the environmental impact of anything we buy, it helps to think in circles. What are they made of? How were they made? How will they be unmade and reused when we're done with them? Welcome to the global footwear supply chain. Now let's rethink it together.

Rethinking and reworking this circular supply chain into something truly sustainable is what makes SYOU different. So is transparency and honesty. Here's what you need to know about SYOU today:

What SYOUs are made of

For our first sandal, our raw material is natural rubber. Natural is good. But, we have to source it from overseas for this first batch. That's not so good as shipping is something we want to avoid. We are already working with local waste stream experts to develop a local sustainable material. Watch this space!

How SYOUs are made

Over the last few months we've been working hard to develop a sandal that is completely made in Amsterdam. We designed it here, with a focus on recyclability and simplicity. We make it here using sustainable manufacturing methods enabled by new technology. We sell it here avoiding the heavy impact of shipping. Oh, and it also creates jobs here in Amsterdam. And soon in other cities too.

How SYOUs are reborn

We want every pair of SYOUs to come home to us when you are finished with them, and we’re currently building the SYOU Take Back program to make that ambition real. In the near future, every sandal we take back will be recycled into raw material, to be remade into a fresh pair of SYOUs. You can help make Take Back real by pre-ordering from our first batch of SYOUs and joining our first recycling pilot. Stay tuned for more updates on our Take back program soon.

What's next?

SYOU is just beginning.
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