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Join the journey to locally made & circular footwear.

When you rethink footwear from scratch, you have to start with the basics.

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That means to us:

Produced locally to shorten the supply chain.

Created to be recycled and renewed endlessly.

Designed for minimal material wastage.

Introducing NAP600MM Our Amsterdam Trial

After our first adventures in Burkina Faso and Colombia, SYOU is coming home to Amsterdam. Be the first to walk with us again.

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Walking towards a sustainable future. Together.

Our vision for SYOU is made real through collaboration with true sustainability pioneers What The Future, the inventors of 3DTI technology, and Footwearology, renowned experts in technological footwear development. Together we are co-creating the future of sustainable footwear design and manufacturing.

Every SYOU sandal is made using 3DTI, a technology that blends the best of 3D printing, thermoforming and injection to simplify and streamline footwear manufacturing.

Introducing NAP600MM. Your daily reminder of the mission we are all on.

Why your SYOU matters...

What is NAP600MM?

This little code means a lot to us at SYOU. When you see NAP600MM on the side of your SYOUs, as well as the water drops on the sole and strap, it’s a reminder of how fragile our climate situation is.

600MM is the exact water level of our production location (Van Gendt Hallen, in Amsterdam). As sea levels rise it's a number we can't forget. It's a number that drives everyone at SYOU to keep working to change the footwear industry, everyday. And it's a number we hope you will want to wear and remember too.

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Step into the future of footwear. Where tech-driven innovation meets sustainability.

Made here, worn here, available to pre-order now.

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Sustainability is a circle.

What it’s made of, how it’s made, and how it’s recycled. Take a look at your shoe rack right now; chances are most of your pairs fall short of the perfect circle. That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of our SYOU to minimize waste byproducts, and prioritize recyclability.

Natural Latex. A Circular Material Choice.

Our first batch of SYOUs will be made using natural latex, harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. So your SYOUs are technically plant-based. This choice is not only environmentally friendly in contrast to traditional synthetic footwear materials, but emits far less of a carbon impact. It is fully recyclable and a key part of the circular loop we are striving for.

Today, this natural latex is sadly not grown in The Netherlands and will be imported from Malaysia through trusted local partners.

As sourcing material from abroad is an obstacle to our goal of becoming fully local, we’re hard at work with local waste stream experts to develop locally sourced sustainable materials with the aim of entirely phasing out international shipments in the future.

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3DTI Technology. Minimize waste. Maximize efficiency

We don’t believe in mass production that generates unnecessary waste. Instead, we utilize innovative 3DTI technology to create each pair of SYOUs on demand. This way, we eliminate overproduction and ensure that every pair is made with the utmost precision and care, just the way you deserve it.

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Renewable Life. The Take Back Program.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t just stop at production. We’re working on our Take Back program, an initiative that will allow us to recycle your SYOUs in-house when they reach the end of their life. Every pair will be analyzed for quality control and then broken down into granulate to be remade into a fresh pair of SYOUs.

The best part? Every pre-order customer will be part of our very first Take Back trial run!

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Production image
Made here. Worn here.

We believe that sustainability and localism go hand in hand. By manufacturing our shoes right here in the heart of Amsterdam, we’re actively focused on reducing the detrimental impacts of global shipping and distribution to the best of our abilities.

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Pre-Order event. Pick Up your SYOUs in Person

Pre-order your SYOUs and receive an invitation to our exciting Pick-Up Event. Join us at our unique space in Van Gendt Hallen, where you can learn all about our brand, connect with the team behind the scenes, and see how SYOUs are made live in the What The Future Footwear laboratory!

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